SimRated’s 7 Step Path to Procedural Excellence


Step 1 : READING

You will be provided with reading material that covers background information, relevant anatomy, technique, and contraindications / indications. All our material are based on real clinical experience, so you can expect the best of the best!



You will be required to pass an online exam covering topics discussed in the written reading material. This will ensure you know about the procedure!


step 3 : online video instruction

You will then watch an instructor, who’s an expert in the procedure, perform the procedure step-by-step. This is self-paced, so you can watch and re-watch as many times as you need.


step 4 : practice on sim

You will schedule time to practice in the simulation environment. This will replicate the conditions on test day. Once you are confident, you’ll move to Step 5, the simulation exam.


step 5 : simulation exam

You will perform the procedure as you did in practice. This time, your attempt will be recorded for evaluation.


step 6 : professional evaluation

We receive the simulation exam recording. Professional SimRated raters will assess performance and provide detailed feedback.


step 7 : procedure log

Now that you’ve passed the simulation exam— you have the ability to log your clinical attempts (given proper permission and within the limits of local laws/licenses).